We saw –

  • Turtles
  • Sharks
  • Dolphins
  • Fish flying about, hunting and hunted
  • A mamba
  • Loads of birds, the bird life was amazing – flamingoes, pelicans, sea eagles, gulls and terns of all kinds, huge flocks of sea birds; I’m no expert but there were lots and lots
  • Hippo prints (thankfully no hippos .. it was a worry on the kayak)
  • An osprey – maybe the same one that was catching my trout off the Perthshire hill lochs last summer

A vulture eyes the tea pot on Orangozinho

Until hassled away by an intrepid fisherman

A somewhat more modest fisherman shows us hippo prints by the camp

The salt water hippos that usually stay in one place on Orango leave their creek in January to journey out into the rivers.

This turtle has seen better days