It took about a week to get to the Bijagos islands, Guinea Bissau from Fife, Scotland

  1. train from Edinburgh to Manchester (€30 return)
  2. fly from Manchester to Banjul (with Flythomascook €300 + 20kilo baggage €50 + kayak(30 kilo sports goods) €50)
  3. shared taxi to Gambia/Casamance (Senegal) border
  4. shared taxi Gambia border to Ziguinchor, Casamance
  5. shared taxi Zig to Bissau, Guinea Bissau
  6. pirogue Bissau to Isla Bubaque

In theory, with luck and stamina, you *might* be able to half that time.

There’s a night time curfew on travel in Casamance but Ziguinchor must be the coolest town in West Africa and good dancing there. We had 2 large bags of kayak and kit which cost about the same as a single passenger on the taxis (fair enough – they weighed more).

All the transport was good and fairly fuss free, only hassle was the Gambia border police who are cunts and fleeced us for having pills and not having papers.

Pirogues leave from Porto Bandim, about 2km west of port Pidgiguiti where the 'big' ferry leaves from. Pirogues go most days (weather dependent etc) in the early mornings

Pirogue cost about E4 and was good crack. This one had life jackets!

Our trip took about 6 hours on half an engine. The pirogue above lost it's engine and took a while longer.

Took a while but the scenery was nice

There's fishing boats around too. We waved this one down on the way back to Bubaque from Orangozinho.

I'm feeling a lot tougher now the zip up boat is engine powered

There’s an evening radio broadcast in Bijagos that gives pirogue transport times for the next day.